grace and favour
Wednesday, January 28, 2004
I awoke very early on Monday morning, 5am in fact, to catch the lastest instalment of my favourite radio serial; Rude Awakenings. Everything is funny at 5am, but I tell you, this offering from "the Boys at Peruvian Lunch" on 2ser takes the biscuit. Such creative and clever friends I have. I hope other people are listening too...
This is not to suggest I'm an early riser at all. Naturally I went back to sleep and didn't emerge again until noon. Happy Austraya Day! Nothing says celebrating like a nice long snooze.
Went on a cruise in the evening courtesy of Lisa's birthday. Its such a beautiful way to spend a sunny evening. This city is so gorgeous. I must get out on the harbour more often...
Have also finally [finally!] booked my ticket to go and see Dad. I think I really need this trip.
Sunday, January 25, 2004
Marvellous day in the company of friends and food. Theres something about cooking for other people that brings out a sense of wellbeing and satisfaction in me. Even if the result is not perfect, friends know you made something just for them and everyone feels good.
There was a lot of love in my little courtyard today!
Sunday, January 18, 2004
Many pleasant hours were spent in the company of my good friend, good food and good booze last night. Was a perfect way to spend the evening after a very strange day at work, where a mass exodus of staff has left the atmosphere very strained.
Slept in too long this morning though and the whole day has quite an unreal quality about it. Nothing constructive has been acheived with the exception of a load of washing that I can't hang out because it has started to rain!
Mother Nature's lesson for the lazy...
Friday, January 16, 2004
My resolution for this year: MAKE A DECISION, DAMMIT!
I wondered around the whole afternoon looking for a diary that wasn't too boring, though not too zany, with enough space inside for scribbles and notes, a spot for a pen to hook in and a tasteful layout. I started in the city and moved on the Crows Nest and Chatswood. I finally found one that I think I like (!), but it was a bit mangled. And even then I could not decide whether to get the A5 or the A4 size.
I still have no diary.
If I wait too much longer, I wont have a choice and I'm going to end up with something totally uninspiring for the rest of the year.
Really, I must be the queen of indecision.
Thursday, January 15, 2004
Tired of waiting for other people to post on their blogs I've decided it was time in a kind of Oscar Wilde-fashion to begin my own so as I'd have something to read. And maybe for others to read.
When all the other bloggers have babies, get married, start busy jobs and generally slack off in the blogging-department is it time for me to get a life and stop reading about other peoples'? No, its just time I got my own blog.

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